Blueberry Guitars Shop: Beautiful Handmade Guitars

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 02/18/23  

Blueberry Guitars on Etsy is one of the coolest stores you’ll find.

Danny “Blueberry” Fonfeder, who goes by Danny Fonfeder on Spotify thought of the idea of working with Balinese wood carvers to build handmade guitars.

blueberry close

After taking 2 years to build the first playable guitar, Blueberry Guitars started displaying them for all to see.

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While I haven’t heard them played, I trust it’s a high barrier to pass his quality control.

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Blueberry Guitars Shop: Beautiful Handmade Guitars

Blueberry’s team hand-carves both acoustic and electric guitars. They also have some basses and mandolins. While some have the entire body carved, others add just enough detail to make it stand out without taking over the guitar.

If you’re going to bet a great guitar, make sure to get a great guitar strap.

Here are some of our favorites. (also on Etsy you can sort by “recent” and typically those are IN STOCK rather than made to order).

Note: We have no affiliation with Blueberry Guitars. We are an Etsy affiliate at no cost to you.

You’ll find mixed reviews on the style, the people that love it.. love it. I’m sure if there was a facebook ad you’d get the “does that help you play better” comments and whatnot, but to each their own. If you like awesome artwork and wood design, you’ll love a Blueberry.

best guitar straps

Additionally, if you love dragons, they have custom dragon guitars carved into some which I find awesome.

dragon guitar

Handmade Guitar Stands

Blueberry Guitars also sell handmade guitar stands.

They have a similar styles used in their custom guitar stands as they use in their guitars.

Handmade Guitar Stand
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Blueberry Guitar Review

The Guitar Spa Singapore did a comprehensive review in his 13-minute review.

The reviews are generally pretty positive, but it’s not always clear what guitar each person is reviewing (Except in videos). Some of the very, very intricate designed ones may not be as playable and might be more of a “show piece” while others are being used on the daily.

Normans Rare Guitars also reviewed one several years ago on his channel. It starts around 2:40 in.

Why Don’t they Have a Lot of Reviews on Etsy?

Etsy tends to be a gifting marketplace first and a personal marketplace second. Not many significant others are going to be purchasing and making all the design decisions for a custom guitar on Etsy.

However, Blueberry did put up their previous designs on Etsy, so you could basically get a “pre-designed” custom-handmade guitar without being overwhelmed with the inputs.

Blueberry Guitars has 4.8 stars on Google reviews as of this writing, so don’t let the lack of reviews on Etsy worry you.

You can view their YouTube Channel for videos of carving and playing.

Where are Blueberry Guitars Made?

Blueberry guitars are hand-carved in Bali, Indonesia.

You can learn more about Blueberry Guitars on their about page.

You can also shop on their online store, eBay, or Etsy store with 5 or 6 pages of designs and products!

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