Custom Guitar Straps: Personalized & Handmade Designs for Musical Expression

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 10/19/23  

Are you ready to take your musical expression to the next level?

Custom guitar straps not only enhance your playing style, but also make your guitar and bass performances stand out.

Custom guitar straps are typically made to order, however, I’m also including unique guitar straps that are handmade for a custom feel.

custom guitar straps personalized guitar straps

The above image features a collection of custom guitar straps by Revo Guitar Straps.

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Custom Guitar Straps Create a Unique Feeling

Custom guitar straps – they’re more than just an accessory. They’re an expression of who you are and what your music represents.

Picture this: you step on stage, and before you even play a note, your style and presence is shown through your attire, including your custom guitar strap.

For example, the Revo Cocobolo strap below was custom-made to match the guitar customer Will E.

Shop Revo Guitar Straps for custom guitar straps.

Custom Guitar Strap
Revo Guitar Straps
  • Beautiful
  • Naturally unique
  • Expensive
View Details Shop Revo Guitar Straps

The 3 Best Custom Guitar Straps

The best custom guitar straps are:

1. The Tigerwood Gordo – Handmade Custom Strap by Revo Guitar Straps

The Tigerwood Gordo is one of the most popular gifts for guitar players on Etsy (view it on Etsy here).

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s popular for those with heavy guitars and basses. The 3 inch wide pieces near the shoulder help distribute the weight of your instrument across the entire width of the strap, rather than focusing on the center point.

Custom, Handmade Guitar Strap
Handmade Guitar Gift on Etsy

5 star reviews, comfortable, cool

View on Etsy

It’s on my list of the best guitar straps of 2023.

2. Couch Guitar Straps – Made in the US with Custom Designs

Couch Guitar Straps is a favorite strap maker for many players. They use deadstock and other materials like upholstery vinyl to make unique straps and limited edition straps.

Of all their custom straps, I prefer the Racer Stripe strap. It’s slick, cool, and long.

Best Electric Guitar Strap
Couch Black w/ Red Racer Stripe
  • Cool, Unique Style
  • Made in the USA
  • 12,000+ Etsy Shop Reviews
  • Must enjoy vintage vibes for some designs
  • Limited widths
  • Metal buckles/rivets
View Available Colors
05/19/2024 08:07 am GMT

3. Strap Graphics

Strap Graphics bonded leather and suede guitar straps offer a fully customized guitar strap.

The downside is they do not offer returns on any custom guitar straps. So, even if you like the design, but the underlying strap is uncomfortable, you cannot get a return. It is unclear if they are still making them, their last Instagram post was 2015 and there are no Strap Graphics reviews online.

When orders run $100+, this is a huge downside. The company is actually a leather bible cover company that also makes guitar straps.

Strap Graphics Alternative

Souldier Guitar Straps are great for individuals with a keen sense of design. Not only can you use existing designs, but you can upload your own designs for a one-of-a-kind custom guitar strap.

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Custom Leather Guitar Straps: Why They Rule

Imagine the luxury and comfort of a custom leather strap. While they may be a bit firm at the start, after a few jam sessions, it will fit your shoulder like a glove, enhancing your performance in ways you never thought possible.

Best Custom Guitar Strap
Personalized Leather Guitar Strap
  • Custom leather and personalization
  • 4,000+ 5 star reviews
  • Up to 1 month lead time
View Details

Check out Leathergraft in the UK and Italia Leather Straps for tailor-made leather guitar straps that scream durability and class.

Personalized Guitar Straps: Make Your Own Guitar Strap

Think about it – personalized guitar strap sare not just about style, they’re about making your guitar truly yours.

How about a strap with your name, your band’s logo, or a quote that’s close to your soul?

Explore the possibilities with Couch Guitar Straps and Jodi Head that offer endless customization options.

Personalized Leather Guitar Straps: A Dream Combo

Personalized leather guitar straps offer a unique style with durability.

Walker & Williams or LM products have a range of customizable, premium leather straps.

Custom Printing on a Guitar strap

What if you could print your favorite album art or your band’s logo on your guitar strap? Well, make it a reality.

Custom Straps and Buckle-Down offer premium printing services that can make your strap a unique piece of art.

Embroidered Guitar Straps: Where Craftsmanship Meets Style

Embroidered Guitar Strap Personalised Handmade Guitar

"This strap is soooo stunning. I get compliments on it every time I pull out my guitar. It feels super well made and sturdy. The gorgeous flower details and aesthetic was just what I was looking for."

View on Etsy

Embroidered guitar straps can bring out great colors, textures, and charm.

Double Treble – Double Treble offers embroidered custom guitar straps and has a great repuation.

Franklin Strap or Perris Leathers offer straps as unique as your sound.

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Laser Engraving: Precision Meets Personalization

Laser engraving a guitar strap allows for sharpness in intricate designs. It also can be done fairly cheaply with laser engraving becoming more poular.

Levy’s Leathers can bring your intricate designs to life with their precise laser engraving services.

Custom Tooled Leather Guitar Straps

If you admire fine craftsmanship, custom-tooled leather guitar straps will be your thing. Picture the fine details of a hand-carved design on your leather strap. It’s like wearing a piece of art.

El Dorado and Artisan Straps offer beautifully tooled straps that can tell your story like no other.

Designer Guitar Straps

And for those who want to make a statement that’s hard to forget – designer guitar straps. High-quality materials, meticulous design, and the ultimate luxury. They’re a bit of an investment, but you pay for quality.

guitar strap matches

Brands like Leathersmith Designs and Revo Guitar Straps offer designer straps that redefine style while using high-quality materials.

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Final Thoughts on Custom Guitar Straps

A custom strap can take your guitar-playing experience to the next level. I hope this article helped you find the perfect strap for you!

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