Best Gifts for Guitar Teacher: Practical and Non-Musical

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 02/19/23  

Are you looking for a great gift for your guitar teacher? You’re in the right place!

Whether it’s for the holidays like Christmas, their birthday, or just to say thanks, there are a variety of best gifts to make their day!

It’s also common practice to give a farewell gift as a token of appreciation for teachers that have been a big part of your guitar or bass learning journey.

While it’s common to get a guitar or bass-related gift for teachers, they can also be completely unrelated and still be the perfect gift. Let’s get you the best one!

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Best Gifts for Guitar Teacher

The best gift for a guitar teacher is something that is meaningful, useful or some combination of both.

You can never go wrong with guitar accessories like high-quality guitar straps, strings, and picks. Straps are great gifts for any player, especially for guitar teachers and instructors.

Guitar-related gifts for teachers should be personalized or unique, otherwise, it’s likely it will never get used. Your teacher might have 100s of picks, they don’t need another random set.

However, if you get a custom-laser-engraved pick with a meaningful message or a sweet custom guitar strap, then we’re talking a different story.

1. Personalized Guitar Picks

A personalized guitar pick is a great gift to customize your message. It could be funny or sentimental.

I like to use Etsy for these types of gifts. It’s a bit weird because most of the images are romantic “I Pick You” – most Etsy sellers focus on gifts between partners, not between teacher and student, so keep that in mind, ha!

Many shops specialize in custom picks so the turnaround time isn’t as long as you’d think.

2. Custom or Unique Guitar Strap Gifts for Music Teacher

A unique guitar strap is a great gift for a bass teacher or guitar teacher or any musician.

quality guitar straps electric and acoustic

3. Guitar Strings for Music Teacher

Depending on if it came up and you remember, you can get your teacher a good pack of strings (or if you know they’re prone to break them)!

If you don’t know the exact type, you can always give a gift card of $15 or $20 and tell them to use it for them.

4. Guitar Maintenance / Tool Kits

The Ibanex Quick Access Multi-Tool is a great gift because it will be useful to many guitar and bass instructors. They are great for having around for quick tweaks and minor changes.

Accessory Gift
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You could also do what this guy did… I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Non-Music Related Gifts for Guitar Teachers

If you can’t think of anything unique to get a guitar teacher because they probably already have everything guitar-related they want, you can think outside the box about non-music gifts.

Try to remember conversations you’ve had with your guitar or bass teacher to remember their passions outside of the music world. These can also make nice, thoughtful gifts.

1. Coffee or Tea

I’ve yet to meet a guitar or bass instructor that doesn’t love their coffee. If you have, tea is a great alternative or whatever their favorite drink of choice is.

If you got a Motley Crue fan as a teacher, you can get them Kick Start My Heart coffee!

2. Chocolate or their Favorite Sweets

If your guitar teacher always has some chocolates or sweets around during your lessons, take note of the brand and think about gifting those or a fancier version of them.

If they love chocolate, then getting any type of “rare” or interesting chocolate bar they’ve never heard of can be a great gift.

3. Gift and Food Baskets

Getting a gift / food basket that includes nice spreads or crackers can be a nice, casual gift. They can eat it, share it with their family, or with other students.

If you know your teacher enjoys good wine or beer, you can also gift that if you’re of age and deem it appropriate.

High Note Gifts makes some pre-made baskets or you can create your own with a few items. You could even get a wooden placemat off Etsy.

4. Gift Cards

If you’re at a complete loss for what to get a guitar teacher as a gift OR you just remembered it’s their birthday at the last minute, a gift card is a great choice.

The gift card could be for a local music store, a local restaurant, or their favorite store. A short note to accompany the card thanking them for their lessons is another nice touch.

Free, Meaningful Gifts for Guitar Teachers

Gifts don’t always need to be purchased, especially for teachers. Good gifts can come from thought.

No matter if you give a physical gift or not, it’s most important to make sure they know how much the lessons have meant to you. Show them that they made a positive impact in your guitar or bass playing journey.

Here are some free gift ideas for music teachers.

1. Write a Letter or Give a Card with with a Handwritten Note

Sometimes writing a letter showing your appreciation to your teacher is the best gift they can get! If you’re like me, you might have gotten frustrated at times or shown less passion at times of frustration, so it’s always good to let them know they’re still making a big difference in your playing journey.

2. Record a Track

This is probably too cheesy for some, but you could always record a track showing your teacher how much you’ve improved because of them.

3. Photos from Guitar Lessons or Playing

While we live in a digital age, sometimes it’s nice to get a photo, maybe have it framed, and give it to your teacher. Many enjoy having pictures of their students from jam sessions or holding up their new guitars with big grins.

gifts for guitarists
Click the image for more ideas!


In conclusion, the best gift for a guitar teacher is one that is genuine and shows them you appreciate everything they have done to improve your skills.

Whether that’s a sweet guitar strap, guitar pick, their favorite tea from across the world, a hand-written letter, or some combination, you’ll surely make their day!

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