Christmas Guitar Gifts for Dad: How to Surprise Him this Holiday Season

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 11/19/23  

Your search for the best guitar gift for Dad is over! I’ve gathered some unique and awe-striking gift ideas for Father’s Day, Birthdays, or Christmas.

Gone are the days when you gift a “rock on” mug or some other half-baked idea.

Get Dad a gift he’ll be excited to use and show off to his guitar-playing friends.

guitar gift for dad fathers day

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Best Guitar Gifts for Dad for Christmas

The best gift for Dad is meaningful, useful, or some combination of both.

Popular Guitar Gift
Handmade Guitar Gift for Dad on Etsy
Handmade guitar straps with over 300 5-star reviews.
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An example of this are guitar accessories like guitar straps, strings, and picks.

Straps are great gifts for any player, especially Dads with lots of guitars. I recently created a list of the coolest and best guitar straps in 2023 as a great starting point for your options.

Great guitar-related gifts for tend to be personalized or unique; otherwise, likely, it will never get used.

For Christmas, instead of getting Dad another set of generic guitar picks, get him a custom set or have something meaningful engraved.

1. Personalized Guitar Picks for Dad

A personalized guitar pick is a great gift to customize your message. It could be funny or sentimental.

The Gift of Sound
Rosewood Guitar Picks
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I like to use Etsy for these types of gifts. It’s a bit weird because most of the sample images are romantic “I Pick You” – most Etsy sellers focus on gifts between partners, so keep that in mind, ha!

Personalized Guitar Picks
Handmade Guitar Picks

This listing is by a shop called Pickslays Woodworking which has been around for many years making custom and unique wood guitar picks. They also make other wood products worth checking out.

View Etsy Shop

Many Etsy shops specialize in hand-made or custom picks, so the turnaround time isn’t as long as you’d think as they do it all the time.

2. Custom or Unique Guitar Strap Gifts for Guitar Playing Dad

A unique guitar strap is a great gift for Dad, Husband, or any guitarist you need a gift.

Coolest Christmas Present for Dad
Tigerwood Gordo Guitar Strap
Super unique and fully functional while distributing weight very well for long playing sessions.
  • Comfortable for long periods of time
  • Unique Look
  • Wood design is not for everyone
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cool guitar straps

3. Custom Gift for Dad: Guitar Pick Box

Gift Idea for Guitar Dads
Personalized Guitar Pick Box for Dad

A guitar pick box is a great gift that is useful for most guitar players and makes a great Father's Day gift. They can be customized in many ways including a personal mesasge.

Customize on Etsy

4. Guitar Strings for Dad

Depending on if it came up and you remember, you can get him a good pack of strings (or if you know they’re prone to break and always need replacements)!

The Gift of Strumming
Ernie Ball: Electric Strings

If you want to gift guitar strings, go with a reputable brand like Ernie Ball. Their Paradigm strings are great as well.

Electric Strings Acoustic Strings

If you don’t know the exact type, you can always include a gift card of $15 or $20 and tell them to use it for them.

5. Gifting Guitar Maintenance and Tool Kits

The Ibanex Quick Access Multi-Tool is a great gift because it will be useful to many guitar and bass instructors. They are great for having around for quick tweaks and minor changes.

Accessory Gift
Ibanez MTZ MTZ11 Quick Access Multi Tool, Red
View Details
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6. Gifts for Dad’s Music Studio

For Dad's Guitar Cave
Custom Music Room Sign for Dad's Man/Guitar Cave

For Dads with too many guitars, a cool custom sign for them makes for a great and unique gift that will blow them away.


Non-Music Christmas Gifts for Dad that Plays Guitar

If you can’t think of anything guitar-related to get Dad because they already have everything guitar-related they want, you can think outside the box about non-music gifts.

Remember conversations with your Dad think of their passions outside of the music world. These can also make nice, thoughtful gifts.

1. Coffee or Tea

Most Dads love their coffee. Tea is a great alternative or whatever their favorite drink of choice is.

If Dad is a Motley Crue fan, you can get them Kick Start My Heart coffee!

2. Gift and Food Baskets

High Note Gifts makes some pre-made baskets or you can create your own with a few items. You could even get a wooden placemat off Etsy.

3. Gift Cards

If you’re at a complete loss for what to get Dad as a gift OR you just remembered it’s their birthday at the last minute, a gift card is a great choice.

The gift card could be for a local music store, a local restaurant, or their favorite store. A short note to accompany the card is another nice touch.

Free, Meaningful Gifts for Guitar Loving Dad

Gifts don’t always need to be purchased, especially for Dad! Good gifts can come from thought.

No matter if you give a physical gift or not, it’s most important to make sure they know how much they have meant to you. Show them that they made a positive impact in your journey.

Here are some free gift ideas for music Dads for Christmas Day.

1. Write a Letter or Give a Card with with a Handwritten Note

Sometimes writing a letter showing your appreciation to them is the best gift they can get! If you’re like me, you might have gotten frustrated at times or shown less passion at times of frustration, so it’s always good to let them know they’re still making a big difference in your playing journey.

2. Photos from Guitar Lessons or Playing

While we live in a digital age, sometimes it’s nice to get a photo, have it framed, and give it to your Dad, especially if you have any musical talent because of him. Pictures from jam sessions or holding up new guitars with big grins make the perfect present.

Christmas Dad Gift Ideas

If you want more ideas for Christmas gifts for musical Dads, you can view Etsy guitar gifts for Dad. Those are top-rated products that have sold well in current and past years.

Most custom and personalized guitar-themed products will have a few days of lead time for the customization, so make sure to bake that into your shipping calculation!

guitar player gift ideas

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best gift for a guitar dad is one that is genuine and shows them you appreciate everything they have done.

Whether that’s a sweet guitar strap, guitar pick, their favorite tea from across the world, a hand-written letter, or some combination, you’ll surely make their day!

Guitar Gifts for Dad
Etsy Father's Day Gift Guide
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  • Custom Gear
  • Personalized Options
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