Long and Extra Long Guitar Straps for Tall Players

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 02/16/23  

Finding a long guitar strap for tall players can be a challenge.

Many guitar straps don’t work for taller-than-average players, especially if you like playing it low or are taller than 6’3″.

Many straps don’t exceed 60″ inches, but a few brands make them longer or cater a bit more to tall people or those of us with long torsos.

This post will cover the best long and extra long (XL) guitar straps. You can read about our top-rated guitar straps of 2023 here.

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Long Guitar Straps for Tall People (Or Plus Sized)

Below is a list of 63″ or longer guitar straps that are highly rated and great for electric, bass, and acoustic guitars.

Levy’s Leather Signature XL

The standard version is 54 inches, but if you get the XL, it adds an extra 12 inches of length. This is great for taller players above 6’3″.

Levy's Leathers Signature Series Cotton XL Guitar Strap, Black
  • Great strap for beginners
  • Trusted brand
  • Adjustable while in use
  • No extra padding
  • Reported issues with the strap breaking or fraying after prolonged use, but should last long enough for the price
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07/23/2024 08:56 am GMT

Extra Long AND Wide Guitar Strap: Levy Leathers

Levy's Leathers 3.5" Extra Long and Padded | Adjustable to 64"

3.5" wide

Adjustable up to 64"

Padded Leather

Genuine Suede Backing

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07/24/2024 06:05 am GMT
Levy's Leathers 3" Extra-Long Padded, up to 63"

Available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown

Adjusts to 63"

3" Wide

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07/23/2024 08:11 am GMT

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Long Acoustic Guitar Strap

The Amumu Chevron is specifically designed with the tall acoustic guitar player in mind.

Amumu Chevron Guitar Strap Up to 63"


Adjustable to 63"

Great for acoustic guitars

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07/24/2024 06:55 am GMT

64″ Adjustable Guitar Strap

The XXL Perris Leathers strap extends up to 64″ and is a budget-friendly strap.

Perris Leathers Guitar Strap, Mahogany, Extra Long, up to 64"

Adjustable to 64"

Variety of styles and colors

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07/24/2024 07:56 am GMT

Tall People or Rocking Your Guitar Strap Low: Best Brands

A couple of brands design and manufacture their straps longer than standard guitar straps.

Getm Getm Guitar Straps: The 65″ Standard

If you’re tall, plus-sized, or just like rocking low, Getm Getm guitar straps have many options.

All of their straps are extra long by default: 65″ vs the standard 55″ and fully adjustable.

Shop their selection here.

Couch Guitar Straps

Couch guitar straps will have the largest selection of long guitar straps to find your perfect style.

Best Electric Guitar Strap
Couch Black w/ Red Racer Stripe
  • Cool, Unique Style
  • Made in the USA
  • 12,000+ Etsy Shop Reviews
  • Must enjoy vintage vibes for some designs
  • Limited widths
  • Metal buckles/rivets
View Available Colors
07/24/2024 03:48 am GMT

They are around 63″ from button to button and will work great for electric and bass guitars.


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