How to Attach a Revo Guitar Strap

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 02/20/20  

Depending on the style of straps you already own, you may or may not be familiar with how our straps are adjusted.

Each strap comes with a detachable leather end which is used to adjust the length of the strap.

We made a video a while ago here:

I’ll be the first to admit, that video isn’t the greatest, so here are some manual instructions.

1) Place your strap on the ground with the (attached) unfinished leather end facing up. 

2) Pick a slot you want to start the leather end at. With the detached leather end (finished side up), pull the leather strap though the slot toward the attached leather end. See image below:

3) Feed the detached end through the chosen wood slot opening and then feed it through the slit on the leather. Pull it through tight. See attached image “Step 3”

4) Weave the rest of the detached leather end through the rest of the wood slots

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Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews is a guitarist and freelance writer. When he's not playing the guitar or teaching lessons, he can be found manning the grill and enjoying barbecue with friends and family.