Rosewood Revo Strap

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  • Rich, wood grain variations in each piece
  • Superior comfort and built to last
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Meet The Rosewood Revo

Natural variations in each of five wood species make every Revo one-of-a-kind.

This classic guitar strap design is characterized by 2.5-inch wide wood sections, each composed of individual pieces that are impeccably polished for a smooth touch and refined look.

Premium black leather ends are adjustable to offer a customized fit and playing experience, while heavy-duty braided cord construction protects your strap from stretching or wear. 

Product Specifications

- Evenly distributed load using small wood pieces for superior comfort

- Built to last a lifetime using durable hardwoods that are scratch resistant

- Polymer coated to seal and protect natural wood materials

- Premium quality leather ends adjust from 43 to 55 inches button-to-button

- Heavy-duty 200-pound Teflon-treated braided cord provides superior strength and stretch-resistance

- Width: Approximately 2.5 inches​

Rosewood Revo Strap
Rosewood Revo Strap
Revo Rosewood Guitar Strap
Rosewood Revo Strap
Rosewood Revo Strap