The Most Comfortable & Ergonomic Bass and Guitar Straps

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 06/25/22  

Finding a comfortable and ergonomic guitar and bass strap increases the enjoyment we get out of playing.

A strap that reduces shoulder fatigue and eliminates back annoyances can help you play for longer.

You can try ergonomic-specific straps, extra wide straps, padded straps, neoprene, and even wood guitar and bass straps. Let’s dive in.

The Most Comfortable & Ergonomic Guitar Straps for Bad Backs and Shoulders

When you’re looking for ergonomic comfort, there are a variety of options. Let’s start with the most unique one.

The Revo Gordo Guitar Strap 3″ Wide Guitar & Bass Strap: An Ergonomic and Stylish Work-of-Art

Most Comfortable Guitar and Bass Strap
Tigerwood Gordo Guitar Strap
  • Comfortable for long periods of time
  • Unique Look
  • Wood design is not for everyone
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The Revo Gordo is one of the most unique and comfortable guitar (and bass) straps.

comfortable guitar straps, ergonomic

The Revo Gordo starts around 2 inches wide and tapers to 3 inches wide at the shoulder.

It is made out of 100s of smooth pieces of wood that are connected with 250lb tested braided cord on both ends of the strap.

The cord goes through the ends of each piece, with a 3rd line through the center of each piece.

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This allows it to be firm, yet flexible at the same time. The weight distribution is impressive and existing customers love them.

The braided line runs parallel on each side of the strap so the weight is distributed across the width of the wood pieces instead of just the middle like some leather straps.

Ergonomic Guitar Straps

One review that it’s like getting a small massage while you’re playing.

There’s another review on Reddit showing a Revo Solano (2.25 inch wide) on an 11lb Warwick bass. Just search “strap” in that thread to find a small discussion.

The best part about this strap is that it doesn’t leave your shoulder and back all sweaty like a padded leather strap.

The downside of this strap is that it can be tricky to fit in certain gig bags without taking one of the strap ends off.

Click here to view more pictures. They are available in tigerwood, rosewood, black and blonde styles.

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View the Best Guitar Straps for comfort and style.

Handmade Guitar Straps
  • Striking Beauty
  • Surprising Comfort
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They also make great gifts.

Best Padded Leather Bass Straps for Pillow-y Comfort

Trying the best-padded guitar strap is the next step if you are skeptical about a wood strap.

Most padded guitar straps are also 3 inches or wider. While it doesn’t change the ergonomics of how the strap holds weight, it does try and spread it over a wider area to provide more comfort.

Padding is great in many occasions, but it’s brutal in Florida humidity and the southern heat.

However, if you’re typically in cooler environments, it can be a way to provide more overall comfort to your guitar and bass playing.

Birch & Smith Full Grain Leather Guitar Strap, Padded, 3″ Wide

Best Leather Strap for Comfort

View it here on Amazon.

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Best Wide Leather Guitar Straps: Great for Playing Gigs

Wide used to be considered 3 inches, but now I’ve seen many trying out 4 and even 6 inch wide guitar straps.

If you’re finding yourself inching (pun intended) to a 4, 5, or even 6 inch guitar strap purely for comfort and shoulder weigh-relief, I’d suggest taking a hard look at the rest of your set up.

Sometimes it’s easier to play a lighter instrument or try out other types of guitar strap materials. Just because the strap gets wider, doesn’t always mean it distributes weight meaningfully better than a strap of a smaller width.

For example, I’d take a 3 inch leather strap over a 5 inch material that is more pliable since it won’t help with weight distribution.

Best Wide Strap
Levy's Leathers MSS2-4-BLK Garment Leather Bass Guitar Strap, Black
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Next Level Ergonomic Guitar Strap: Great for Neck Issues Playing Guitar

If your neck hurts playing guitar standing up with standard guitar straps, then it might be time to look at another unique, ergonomic alternative.

Ergonomic Neotech Ergonomic Harness Support Strap for Guitar

Best for Bad Necks
Neotech Support Harness Guitar Strap (2501522)
$118.50 $112.90
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I hope you have found your solution to finding the most comfortable guitar strap. Whether you have a bad back or neck or any type of shoulder fatigue, it is possible to enjoy playing again with ergonomic and comfortable guitar straps.


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