Short Guitar Straps for High-Slung Guitars

By Jack Andrews •  Updated: 02/15/23  

I played with my guitar slung higher than others for many years – it felt like the only way to maintain precision.

I still adjust my strap shorter depending on what I’m playing, and some guitar straps do not adjust short enough.

This post will cover the best short and extra short guitar straps. You can read about my favorite guitar straps for all players here.

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Short Guitar Straps for Players that Play with the Guitar High Up

Some guitar strap companies are known for having longer-than-average guitar straps such as Couch Guitar Straps and Getm Getm Guitar Straps.

However, there aren’t many that specialize in the opposite. So, I scoured the internet, asked an email list, and asked Reddit to come up with some of options for short guitar straps.

And if you like playing high up or want a shorter-than-average guitar strap, you’re not alone.

The Fender Tweed, Shorter Strap

If you’re in the 5’11” to 6’0″ height range and like to play your guitar slung high, most straps can adjust to a length suitable for playing the guitar high (up).

A Shorter / Adjustable Strap
Fender Tweed Guitar Strap
$27.99 $17.60
  • Vintage vibes
  • Affordable
  • Fabric stretch
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07/24/2024 03:20 pm GMT

The Fender Tweed is adjustable from 44″ to 52. 5″, which will work for most players that like their guitar slung high while playing standing up.

KLIQ AirCell Short Guitar Strap

The standard version is 46 to 56 inches 54 inches, but if you get it in a short version and it reduces it by 8 inches.

It’s great for shorter players and works great for guitar or bass.

Short Bass and Guitar Strap by Harvest Fine Leather

Here’s another good option by a reliable etsy seller. This short guitar strap can be adjusted from 42.25 inches to 48.25 inches and is 3.3 inches wide.

This is great for holding your instrument in a higher position.

Short NeoPrene Guitar Strap

The Neotech Mega is specifically designed with the shorter guitar player in mind or those laying higher up.

The Shortest Guitar Strap with Good Reviews

The short guitar strap is sized at 32″ to 37″, making it the shortest guitar strap on the list.

The regular size is 36″ to 45″ and makes it a great option.

The mid-size is 40″ to 50″ making it available to a wide variety of players.

The long size is 44″ to 56″, which still may work for many players even if you’re not taller than average.

Why Wearing a Shorter Guitar Strap Can Help You Play Better

Nearly all guitar players do the majority of their learning while sitting down and practicing or taking lessons.

It’s only when we wanted to be a rockstar when we transition to playing with the guitar or bass hanging low.

The first thing most people will notice is it’s not very easy playing low and that in itself requires practice.

If you’re playing for accuracy, it can be beneficial to have your guitar strap hung around the same height as you would play when sitting down.

That’s a great height to start playing standing up and then adjusting for personal preference from there.

cool and unique guitar strap infographic
I curated a list of the best guitar straps with various criteria such as quality, and uniqueness, and covered acoustic and electric guitars (and also bass!).


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